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Who better to learn from than a company with a direct hand in the development and progression of the Geoserver appliction? Refractions has contributed substantial code to Geoserver over the years, and provided support and training to our clients.

Choose from our existing course material, or let us tailor a training session to your specific needs and application. We offer instructor-based training at our office, or anywhere in the world at your location or via the web. Contact us for pricing based on location, participants and custom material.

Course Modules

Please note that duractions are flexible – they are used primarily to d emonstrate the approximate length of each session.

Module Duration Description
Basic Introduction 4 hours Installing and configuring Geoserver, user-level administration and usage. Adding data stores, styles, tile-based maps and KML.
Architectural Overview 4 hours A review of the components of the Geoserver engine. Application framework, event dispatcher, development technologies, and community resources. A primer for new Geoserver developers.
Extending Geoserver 8 hours Building a new service in Geoserver, attaching it to data sources, and deploying the result. And end-to-end introduction to web services in Geoserver.
Web Service Standards 4 hours Introduction to the Web Feature Server (WFS) and Web Map Server (WMS) standards. Setting up WMS and WFS services in Geoserver, viewing and editing data through the standards. Related standards like Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) and Geographic Markup Language (GML).

Open Source Community

Refractions contributes to Geoserver as a co-developer with other companies and programmers from around the world.

Visit the Geoserver open source community site at

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