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Who better to learn from than a company with a direct hand in the development and progression of the GeoTools library? As members of the project steering committee and code contributors, our staff are uniquely positioned to provide an unsurpassed user and developer training programs for PostGIS.

Choose from our existing course material, or let us tailor a training session to your specific needs and application. We offer instructor-based training at our office, or anywhere in the world at your location or via the web. Contact us for pricing based on location, participants and custom material.

Course Modules

Please note that duractions are flexible – they are used primarily to demonstrate the approximate length of each session.

Module Duration Description
Architectural Overview 2 hours A review of the components of GeoTools, the history of how they got the way they are and a roadmap of future near-term changes expected.
Quick Introduction 4 hours A hands-on run-through of the major components of GeoTools, and building of a demonstration application that pulls features from a web service and renders them into an output image. Demonstrates feature access, filtering, styling, and rendering.
Datastores 4 hours How to build a datastore. What is the interface contract, what are the common issue involved in dealing with: write integrity, performance, compatibility.
Rendering and Styles 4 hours An overview of the rendering chain. How are styles composed? How can styles be circumvented? What is a custom renderer, and how does it work? How to render multiple layers?
Referencing 2 hours How to invoke coordinate transformations. How to make a new transformation object, different authorities, common mistakes in dealing with transformations.
Grab Bag N Hours Define a programming problem, and we will work through the steps to implementing a solution with your team. Suitable only for small classes.

Open Source Community

Refractions contributes to GeoTools as a co-developer with other companies and programmers from around the world.

Visit the GeoTools open source community site at

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